When we first announced Late Night Work Club late in 2012, several people asked “Where’s the Kickstarter?”. This is a fair question these days and we appreciate that the first urge from many people is “How can I make sure this thing happens?” The answer is that we would do it anyway and we want to see if this crazy idea works (spoiler: it’s working). However, when Ghost Stories is released there will be a few ways to support us. And really, this is supporting us - aside from a bit of overhead, all proceeds are being split dead-even among the artists. There’s no Late Night Work Club account in the Cayman Islands. Not yet anyway.

For a pittance we’ll be offering sparkling HD downloads of the full anthology. Think of the memories you will have of sitting comfortably on your couch, possibly with friends or that special someone, and enjoying some fine independent animation. Animation made with heart, damn it.

But more exciting than that is the UNCANNY MYSTERY PACK, helpfully explained by the great Charles Huettner above. It will be great and it will be affordable. You will be happy. We will be happy. Everyone will be happy.

Details to come as the release gets closer. Save your nickels!


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